Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why the MacIdiots are pathetic ...

Guess what - my previous post was "debated" by some of the MacFans - and apparently the very first one decided that I was wrong since the 1000$ 12'' iBook is ONLY about TWICE more expensive than the 550 US$ Dell that I have mentioned - so first let's settle that:

- the 550 US$ Dell B120 is a 14'' notebook that is almost twice less expensive than the 12'' iBook and almost 3 times better priced than the 14'' iBook;

- while that very cheap Dell is not 5 times FASTER than the 2000 US$ PowerBook (as declared by SteveJobs) it is almost certainly at least 2-4 TIMES FASTER that those low-end iBooks - and in case you have trouble understanding that (as is often the case with Mac zealots) I will repeat - it is both TWICE CHEAPER and AT LEAST TWICE FASTER !!!

- the iBooks are most likely A DEAD END - so not only you pay DOUBLE for a TWICE SLOWER machine but you get an architecture that was already abandoned by Apple!!!

Also somehow the first poster believes that the fact that I do not like the one button mouse and the missing keys is only a result of lack of Apple experience - so let's settle that too - I own an Apple for some time and I am working on my first commercial programs for that platform and so I spend about 30-40% of my time on that and I am BY FAR more efficient than maybe 90% of the Apple users - yet each time when I work on that notebook I still find the missing button/keys a major problem!


Anonymous Kyle Mistry said...

Then buy a two-button mouse, or just use yours. It's not that difficult.

8:13 AM  
Blogger cool_stuff_or_not said...

Kyle - if you had the decency of reading the post(s) first you could have seen that we are speaking about NOTEBOOKS - only maczealots see no problem to carry and use some extra cumbersome mouse.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So honey, being such a huge Dell fan ( I could bet that you also shop at Walmart "'cose they sell cheap stuff" not like the "overpriced shit" that some luxury store sells) and they do oh so well with the mythical "550USD notebook" that all "classy and cost concios" ( AKA cheap bastards) people buy how do explain so that Dell instead make those impressive piece of engineering 499USD or so, invested some cool bilions in buying Alienware, like you know, people that try to make the ordinary PC crap look less ordinary and charge a HUGE premium on it, so being a proved Dell brown noser the following "Delienware" 4000USD+ notebook will be oh so cool ???

11:13 PM  
Blogger cool_stuff_or_not said...

Dear anonymous - the reason why Dell bought Alienware is quite simple and obvious - the idiots can have a lot of money and instead of throwing away those money to Apple (which so far is the top company mainly targeting morons) Dell would rather have those huge profits for themselves - after all those rich morons (too proud or too stupid to shop based on value) are by far the best customers! (and after all for them computers are just another form of jewelry - and at that point only the bling-bling matters)

12:14 AM  

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