Thursday, March 02, 2006

Funny ... what if M$ was more like Apple :)

Apparently Woz believes that M$ should be more like Apple - so let's play a little 'what if' with that idea:
- first of all M$ would have to loose the vast majority of it's base and be reduced to a pathetic 2-3% of the market;
- they would also have to start screwing their customers as fast as they could - the current 'one Windows version every 2-5 years' should now become 'at least one new operating system every year and you will pay full price for it';
- Windows will ONLY work on a very, very limited hardware platform that should first be approved (for a huge fee) by M$; everybody that wants to sell that will pay a big per-CPU fee to M$;
- from time to time the hardware platform will be TOTALLY changed with basically minimal backwards compatibility so that the suckers will have to buy something new as often as possible; that will always be presented as a major step forward; and even if a few months before that new hardware was mocked as inferior, the moment it will be adopted by the company it will magically become the most powerful in the world :)
- all previous 3rd party programs will no longer work after 2-3 Windows versions or will work very poor;
- if anything of any real value is created by some other smaller software company the idea will be stolen and become a major selling point of the next Windows version;
- if by accident something interesting comes from inside the company it will under NO CIRCUMSTANCE be licensed to other companies but instead a monopoly around it will be created as soon as possible and customers will be locked into it with no escape !!!

Yep, I just can't wait for M$ to become more like Apple ... or not :))


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