Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Samsung does not quite get it :(

The new Samsung YP-Z5 will be yet another flop ... (click on the picture to go to the full review site).

Here is why:

a) proprietary conector;
b) non-standard USB protocol (no USB Mass Storage = UMS);
c) no special feature worth mentioning (no video, the same memory size as the nano, price is not great and so on).
The only good thing about it is how scratch-resistant is (somebody learned from the nano embarrassment) - but it's too little, too late ... for that segment the only contender remains the Sandisk Sansa e200 ...

I can only hope that the YP-U2 will not go on the same route but since some Samsung managers seem to be incredibly dumb here are a few points:
- the standard USB stick features (the connector which needs no extra cables, the UMS feature and the slim form factor) are VERY IMPORTANT!!!
- capacity is VERY IMPORTANT - forget the 512MB version, 1 GB is minimum, 2 GB highly recommended, even 4 GB might be a hit!
- battery life is important; (but not more important than form factor, so it is OK to replace AAA with a very small internal Li-polymer battery);
- screen can be non-color but MUST be there;
- the neckstrap should be included;
- OGG and AAC formats should be also supported if it's only a metter of getting a better firmware!


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