Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Features still matter ...

This will be a short post related to WHY FEATURES DON'T MATTER ANYMORE: THE NEW LAWS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY - while most of the ideas from there are generally right, there is one major point missing from that post - the idea is that we are now moving from a world of 'technology for the elites' to a 'world of mass-technology' and in this world maybe 80-90% of the people will be (temporarily) better with the 'less is more' rule, but the rest of maybe 10-20% percent (but which might represent more than 50% in the business/scientific area) will still be able to use more complex stuff with better results - so the world where we are all stupid users of a technology nobody can any longer understand remains for the moment located on Trantor ... inside the Science-Fiction books :)
And if you are wondering why 'less is more' will not be forever true you can just look back - a century ago (or maybe two) a world where most people could read was just fantasy and the 'less is more' advocates were very happy with 80-90% of the people being on the 'less' side ...


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