Friday, January 13, 2006

The Friday 13 challenge :)

OK, I am tired of the constant denial state from macfans so I decided to teach a lesson to a (rich) friend of mine that was stuck with a brand new iBook 12'' present for his kid (which hated it, and with good reasons) - I will PROVE that:

a) you can easily screw the dumb apple fans by selling them something "different";

b) if you are really good and you create a great program then in less than one year SteveJ and Apple will screw you and steal your idea (and eventually brag about how innovative they are);

c) Apple notebooks are inferior and only the state of denial from Apple fans is hiding that.

In order to prove the third point I will get his new iBook and blog here some of the real-life surprises that are never found in the "marketing materials" from Apple.

For the first two points I will also start two sites - which obviously will be kept totally separate/secret from this blog and one from another - in one of them I will create and sell one or more advanced programs while in the other there will be only dumb programs which will help people feel "different" ...

The bet will be analyzed at 12 months from the creation date of the last software site (but no longer than 18 months from this post) and I will win this bet/challenge (and some extra rewards) if either:

a) the dumb software will generate more income than the smart one;

b) the ideas from any of my software will be "stolen" by Apple (initially I only placed here the smart part, but obviously Apple would be interested in any idea to get more money from their captive audience).

So now the bet is on - and from the next days you will also see here "hands-on" posts on iBooks :) (but I'll also have the cool stuff so don't be too disappointed!)


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