Saturday, March 11, 2006

The nano killer !

Well, just days after a small flop from Samsung we can now see a VERY interesting review of the SanDisk Sansa e270 (6GB) at CNET

Some very good news:
- bigger memory than the nano;
- better price;
- bigger screen;
- good user interface;
- voice recording function;
- good FM radio (and recording);
- Micro SD slot;
- better scratch resistance than the nano;
- EASY TO REPLACE BATTERY (most mp3 players might become useless after 1-2 years of heavy use if you can not do that)!
- JPG viewer;
- also video playback!
- both MTP and UMS (the standard USB Mass Storage) modes!!!
- much better battery life than the nano (20 hours)!

Basically the only advantage that remains for the nano is that it's thinner ... and the fact that it can play protected AAC - but if you were dumb enough to invest in a closed audio format kept hostage by the most monopolistic technology company then you probably deserve it :)

And in other news - it is now official that it will not be easy to install Windows on the new Mactel systems ... another proprietary/closed thing from Apple with the only purpose to hold customers hostage ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .Setting the backlight to “always on” will significantly reduce your ipod replacement battery life. Only use the backlight when necessary.

9:21 PM  

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