Thursday, April 06, 2006

Small stuff ... for now ...

I'll start with a good article on computer complexity from the net that somehow completes my older post on features that still matter - maybe the title (suggesting that software sucks) is not the best choice but it seems to work great :)

In other news we had Apple BootCamp - here are a few of the less obvious things about that:

- isn't it a little strange that Apple only published that after a few other projects already did similar stuff ?

- wouldn't it be normal for a system that is about 1000 US$ overpriced (over a competitor that is cooler and has far more features) to have that option preinstalled ?

- wouldn't it be the normal way to actually SELL the LEGALLY LICENSED version of XP (together with ALL NEEDED DRIVERS bundled on the CD/DVD) instead of providing a gray-area tool (which in the end might be mostly used for piracy)? I really wonder if Microsoft will sue on that matter ... the publicity of having Apple help installing WindowsXP on their own machines is not bad but getting money from selling legal licenses for that and the pressure from other more honest computer builders that do not promote tools to pirate competing software might be important too!!!

- if BootCamp somehow is not illegal (which is still a big if) - does this also mean that buying some OSX DVD and then applying a MAXXUS patch is also legal ??? I guess so :))


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