Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why cartoons are important !

OK, this post will not be about technical subjects, this time it's about the 'Muhammad cartoons' - and why the western civilization should NOT be apologetic at all on that matter ...
Things are quite simple - around here there are MANY people (including myself) that share a common belief in science and logic - you could call it our religion but for us that term is probably NOT the best choice :)
Part of our beliefs - which after a very long struggle have become part of our freedoms - is that everybody is entitled to his own opinions as long as it is not enforced on the others - so to make the story short - we have our rights to mock religious fundamentalists - and that covers both the christian (even if the mocked guy is the president of US) and the islamic ones - so while the rioting mobs might have got a point if the cartoons were published by us in their newspapers we don't give a sh*t on such protest over OUR media and OUR freedoms!
A special message should also go to the 'apologetic current' from around here - maybe some of the christian fundamentalists would just love a world in which religion can enforce censorship at any moment but that is not going to happen - so you can also get lost !


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