Thursday, February 16, 2006

More on Apple predictions - and not only mine :)

I will start with a very dumb article from Dvorak - he obviously is another person pissed by the constant Apple hype and in some way he is ridiculing those fans to the extreme - the problem is that the subtle fun (I liked the final part - "Luckily, Apple has a master showman, Steve Jobs. He'll announce that now everything can run on a Mac. He'll say that the switch to Windows gives Apple the best of both worlds. He'll say this is not your daddy's Windows...") is totally lost on the average Apple fan ... and also unlike the ONLY other important prediction that he got right (the x86 Apple switch - being 4-5x times slower on the notebooks could no longer be hidden even by a master spinner like SteveJ) this one does not have a serious base !!!

I was keeping the best part last - if you read the
last two paragraphs I posted on February 9 and then you take a look at THIS you will see that some things can move very fast :)) Maybe even too fast for my own prediction - now Apple really has to hurry with that antivirus and antispyware programs !!!

However while that first OSX trojan is quite pathetic it does something very important - it 'signals' the fact that 'hunting season' on overconfident Apple fans is now officially open - and things might be very dangerous during hunting season since
both the president and the vicepresident might be Apple users :))


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