Friday, February 10, 2006

The cult of the Apple :)

One very funny / interesting story - apparently things are not always so bright in the Apple world - not to mention the afterglow :)

The guy apparently did not know the first Apple theorem - the Apple products are very much "all or nothing" type - meaning that if it works you might be happy, but if anything at all disturbs the Apple karma then it will certainly be more of a nightmare :(

There are very strong reasons for that:

- in the first place, Apple products are designed primarily for not so bright people without any computer experience whatsoever - any attempt to think in a different way, any extra experience or knowledge that you might have will only make things worse since you will depart from the original target of the product;

- Apple products are of the worst non-standard and monopolistic type - since their target audience are mostly people that not only have no clue on the value of standards and interoperability but more important - they are proud on being so !!!
That in itself is not always visible when things go well, but certainly can't be missed when something goes wrong - not very unlikely a car with totally non-standard tires - you might never even notice that ... until the day you must replace them, and on that day it will cost you :)

- if possible NEVER pay for a product that locks you in a world with absolutely no alternative - while I have never paid for my Shuffle I would have NEVER even think about keeping it without
the open-source iPod Shuffle database builder !!!

- do not try to reason with Apple fans - it's NOT about logic, it's about passion ... the passion to finally feel 'smart' and yet 'different' at the same time :)


Blogger eevyl said...

But the Shuffle cannot playback OGG, WMA, RMA, etc. Why do you use it then? You are locking yourself with no alternative other than that weird MP3 format no one uses and that other AAC which is even more obscure!

4:40 AM  
Blogger cool_stuff_or_not said...

eevyl does have a small point here (even if the MP3 format is actually the one that can be played 'everywhere') - there are however two things that must be said:
a) price is very important - the shuffle was free in my case and the poor resale value here could not allow me to get anything better by selling it;
b) I just can't wait for the 2 GB samsung 'shuffle killer' !!! (no, I do not like the nano since not only is the same lock-in type of product but on top of that you need to carry an USB cable with it)

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cool stuff or not kid must be a real joy to be around. Always worried about 'getting locked in' to one thing or another. Can't buy a BMW, I'll get locked in to buying BMW parts.

Can't buy a Playstation, don't wanna get locked into buying only PS games.

Can't buy anything with money, don't wanna get locked in to using US currency.

Can't believe *I* am wasting any time posting about a guy who is so paranoid and narrowminded that he can't possibly think that there is any opinion but his own. Everyone who does not conform to his way of thinking, is a "one button mouse user".

I post as anonymous, because it's not worth my time to sign up just to point out cool_stuff's ignorance.

11:18 PM  

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