Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ubuntu finally getting a good version this year ...

After the half-failure with the current Long-Term-Support (LTS) 8.04 version the guys from Canonical finally managed to have a decent version with 8.10 but again 9.04 was a disapointment so now everybody was expecting 9.10 - which I am happy to say is (finally) another solid release !!! (even if the transition to GRUB2 is not without surprises).

However the major question in the mind of everybody that is involved in using Ubuntu for something more than getting email and surfing the web at home is about the next Long-Term-Support version - and we all hope that 10.04 LTS will be a version which FINALLY will allow real business use of Linux ... but of course that should not be taken as certain - some last moment stupid decision is still possible :(


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