Saturday, January 03, 2009

Predictions 2009

Just a very quick post for now - as you can see my 2008 predictions were over 80% correct - I have only missed the one regarding high-profile assassination (which however remains a possibility for 2009) and the success of the second generation iPhone.

I will only have one general prediction for 2009 and you probably already know about that - things will get A LOT WORSE - among other things expect 1 EUR = 2 USD, more war and generally the shit will hit the fan ... and I don't (yet) speak about the global warming shit - that will start hitting us in about 5-6 years :(

Also I will only provide one technical prediction for 2009 - things will look bad for the large players and especially Apple and Google, but it might be possible that specifically because things will be so ugly we might finally see some actual progress - at least better batteries but I really hope for (at least) one major innovation ...

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