Monday, January 01, 2007

My 2007 predictions

Well, you can see my 2006 predictions and how those turned out, but the real question now is more like what 2007 will bring!


1. Big overpriced companies will have a hard time - Google stock will drop most, Microsoft and Sony will also go the same way but Apple might be the hardest hit.

2. The new Apple cell phone will flop (meaning it fail to reach 3% worldwide) - but since the Apple marketing strategy is not based on large sales with decent margins but instead on small sales with huge profits from the suckers fanboys it will survive as always.

3. VOIP will get even bigger.

4. MySpace and YouTube will fade away.

5. Most spectacular results in 2007 will not come from computers but instead from medicine.


6. Major recession in US (might spread to other markets, but in a rather selective way).

7. Major stock burst (mainly US).

8. Middle east will get worse.

9. Oil will reach 80-100 US$ / barrel (mostly since US$ will fall even further).

10. No major epidemy but instead a lot of smaller-scale problems plus the constant global warming becoming even more visible :(

Overall things don't look that well for 2007 ... but maybe I'll be proven wrong :)


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