Tuesday, August 08, 2006

SteveJ pulls a BillG - in at least 3 different ways :)

My 2006 WWDC predictions were just way, way ... how should I say this ... too optimistic - from the 6 listed I only got about 3 - the new desktops are here , Leopard is NOT impressive (but see below) and indeed some 64bit hype was somehow mentioned ...

The main "surprise" was the obvious 'Vista envy' - and on top of that they also managed to "copy" the 'Vista delay' - so now Leopard is not only quite pathetic but will also be late - and it will come after Vista :)

I also find incredibly funny the crash of the demo machine - I believe that after copying the automatic backups (from many others, including Windows) and the virtual desktops idea (again something you could easily get in the last century on Linux or Windows) Apple also decided to copy the "crash during worldwide demo" part - after all why should only BillG be embarrassed and not also SteveJ ?

So let's count again - onstage crash - check, delay - check, stealing features and presenting them as 'innovation' - check, so YES - SteveJ pulls a BillG - in at least 3 different ways :) WOW, Apple hype is getting thinner at such a speed :)


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