Sunday, January 01, 2006

Predictions for 2006

Here are my top five technical predictions for 2006:

- MS Vista will be late and both Vista and OSX 86 will fail to meet expectations;

- Apple will seriously lose market share in the MP3 segment and will probably have a few other flops; but it will survive - too many people want to feel "different" :)

- both HD-DVD and Blu-ray will be late and will be "almost flops" in 2006;

- blogging and podcasting will stagnate and most people will realize that there is a HUGE amount of noise (and more and more spam);

- P2P might see a new rise - and that might also bring a big change for Google.

And my top five non-technical predictions for 2006:

- there will be at least one MAJOR terrorist attack;

- economy will stagnate in US and certain surprises might come on the currency market;

- new, even bigger scandals and flops will be revealed around the Bush family and the republican party;

- oil will rise to new record levels;

- civil liberties will continue to be eroded :(


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