Friday, August 04, 2006

Apple - any surprise ahead ?

Well, after half year of announcements that were no surprise ('the x86 architecture is vastly superior' - maybe a surprise only for a brainwashed MacZealot) or even worse (the boombox and leather case) we are now close to WWDC and the media is again full of rumors - yeah, right, we haven't seen that before :)

What I expect ? The OBVIOUS :
- new desktops with the latest Intel Core2 Duo;
- a new iPod - probably the 8 GB nano, eventually some cellphones;
- Leopard (not so impressive);
- quite likely a new Merom-based MacBookProExtreme - as usual announced weeks in advance over Dell and delivered at about the same time;
- maybe some plans for a new 64 bit future (but I doubt, even if the 'bragging rights' would be needed - since there is almost nothing to brag about in the latest Apple products - a new transition so close to the last one would be very bad news);
- finally - but I don't hold my breath on this one - the "all screen iPod" - but if it will be anything less than:

(and with less than 80 GB) most people will be disappointed.

I will end with a few links - the first about how a Mac (and a PC, by the way) can be hacked in 60 seconds , then a funny one with a love-hate Apple relationship and the best of all - the fake diary of SteveJ - hilarious as only something so close to reality can be !!! (the best one is where SteveJ looses his iPod, including the Walt Mossberg's rave reviews for next week, which he just finished WRITING :) )


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