Sunday, January 29, 2006

The media spin ...

Everybody knows that we now live in an era where the people that own the media can choose how to "spin" history to their advantage ... and you can always find an incompetent reporter that will do any dirty work is needed even in some famous places that are slowly being destroyed from the inside ...

Most recent case - The New York Times - the guy manages to write a piece in which at the same time things are perfectly black and perfectly white depending on what he wants to prove - for instance first he will tell you that it was only a myth that x86-based PCs were faster but just a few paragraphs later he discovers that since Apple decided to switch to Intel there was a sudden huge speed increase (which we can probably trace exclusively on that move from Apple) and as a result now indeed everything is much faster in the x86 world and in that world nothing beats the marvels coming from SteveJ :)

The guy is either not aware or simply chooses to hide that the top AMD systems are still a lot faster than the highly overpriced Apple stuff or that in the free x86 market you can easily find many products with a much better performance/cost ratio, with a real keyboard and with both hardware AND software where you are not "locked in" just in order to be "milked" of your money ...

The media has obviously evolved and if you can no longer recognize it don't be scared - in a few years the Internet will send it right where it belongs - to the garbage bin :)


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