Friday, July 21, 2006

Start selling your Apple stocks :)

In case you missed it - the latest financial results from Apple were published in the last days - and after the initial 'media frenzy' settled a little the 'second look picture' is not so good - it seems that 2006 is indeed the year when the iPod dies :) OK, I used that line since it's catchy - the truth is that iPod will not die anytime soon but it will (soon) have the same fate as the Mac - it will become statistically irrelevant !

In itself that is not so surprising and initially many analysts were happy with the Apple growth from the notebook market - that one is however very misleading since it might very well be a 'one time hit' (I know that 'one hit wonder' sounds better but the only wonder on the MacBookPro is how much heat can it generate on your lap with all that inflated price) - the rise in sales was compared with previous quarters that were quite bad and IMHO it's only a direct result of sales to the 'traditional MacFans' - once that 'resource' is depleted sales will dramatically fall (most likely after the next semester when 'back to school' then 'end of year' sales will keep things at a decent level, but after that things might not be very nice).

There are a few things that might also help a little - iPods with bigger drives, maybe even the elusive 'full screen iPod', maybe even the 10.5 OSX upgrade - but nonetheless the trend is quite clear now - downwards ...


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