Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple fans tricked again ...

This week Apple did what they are doing best - they screwed their customers AGAIN yet somehow managed to present that as major step forward :)

Somehow the army of macidiots missed the most embarrassing FACT from the entire presentation from SteveJ - that the 1-3 months old PowerBook costing over 2000 US$ is - pay attention - 5 TIMES SLOWER than the equivalent Wintel notebook !!! To be 100% precise it is 5 times slower than the CURRENT level of Wintel machines - but since very detailed reviews placed those at most 20-30% faster (on average) than the previous generation we can actually rephrase that - the 1-3 months-old PowerBook is 4 TIMES SLOWER than the corresponding Wintel machine and very likely it was 1.5-2 times more expensive - so that is 6-8 TIMES WORSE on performance/price !!!

That also answers the stupid question from "journalists" (read = Mac zealots that somehow got a job in the media) - about why the Apple presence in the business sector is almost ZERO - serious businesses will make their choices based on FACTS and PERFORMANCE - not on HYPE and the desire to "be different" :) But of course that the FACTS are sooo easy to ignore - after all the Apple hardware myths were busted just pretend that "technology does not matter, the experience is what is important" :) :) :)

So in the end IT WAS a major step forward for Apple - they managed to get the money from the pockets of sooo many morons yet most of them were actually very happy to be screwed!

A friend could not believe that SteveJ could be so dumb as to actually say that the PowerBooks were 5x slower and that I was inventing things - so I have added a small link to clarify that!

(I think that I have also seen an even better picture with more details but I can't find it right now).

Also please note that the 5x performance is compared to the 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro CPU, but Dell & the rest of the Wintel world already announced days before dual-core notebooks up to 2.16 GHz so make that 6x the advantage of the Wintel camp - where you will also find the low-voltage models (unlike the less expensive CPU models used by Apple).

And no, probably not SteveJ is the dumb one here, the fact that PowerBook owners are not rioting on the streets but instead have "wise" comments praising Apple is showing that he knows too well his captive audience :) (which is so self-delusional that for instance is claiming that one month ago Intel was not that fast - even if the facts are showing something else)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! New computers are faster than old computers!!!? No!!!

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