Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bashing in the snow :)

Just a very quick post with some of the recent disappointments - on the very first position is the price of the new Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC - while the computer itself is not bad the price is totally unrealistic and stupid - the only two possible explanations that I can find so far is that Dell executives are totally losing it (like some of the managers from companies that no longer exist today but not long ago thought people would pay anything for their average products) or that they have some huge (probably government or similar) order that was already 'price-negotiated' at something like '40% under retail price' - so for the next 3 months or so the retail price would just be inflated 40% :(

That being said I still find the XT a little too heavy for a model at that price point and certainly the 'start configuration' at 2500 US$ with a 40 GB HDD is only a joke :( At that price point I would have also expected to find the far more interesting L-series of CPUs - for about 2200 US$ I can get a Thinkpad X61T with Core2Duo L7500 LV (1.6GHz, 4MB L2, 800MHz FSB), 2 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD so paying 2500 US$ for the slightly HEAVIER Dell with Solo ULV U2100 (1.06GHz, 1-2MB L2, 533Mhz FSB), 1 GB RAM and 40(???) GB HDD must be a typo something !!! But no problem - I just guess people will discover that the new Lenovo is (probably) almost as good as the old IBM at a LOT better price and certainly with a price TWICE better than the Dell Latitude XT ...

I will also add a link to some other very interesting stories - first of all about how Apple is doing their own 'shoot in the foot' stupid stuff (or how your personal info belongs to Apple and for an inflated price you get a HDD that very likely isn't even new) and I could not miss that the iPhone has found its true purpose (slightly NSFW) :)

I will end with the link to something that seems to have been mostly a publicity hoax - about how Apple (after forcing to close ThinkSecret) was trying to close 'fake Steve Jobs' - the problem is just that fake Steve was no longer so funny any more, and was actually looking more and more like a mactard on the Apple payroll so ...

In the next post I'll take a look at the other end of the scale - best stuff from 2007!


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