Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another fuck-up in OSX Leopard :(

Just discovered this one today, but it looks like there are so many bugs inside Leopard that you can hardly navigate them in the Google results ... and of course Apple is not quite recognizing any of them :)

This one might also never be fixed - until very-very late (like October 2005 or so) no Apple computer could hibernate - and when that 'new and amazing' feature was 'invented' (almost certainly by Steve Jobs :) ) it was only activated on the high-end line of laptops - the PowerBooks ! Of course that since an iBook G4 was almost identical inside it was only a matter of time until many people figured out a simple way to also activate it - you can take a look for instance at this post (which however is rather inaccurate in how things are on Windows and Linux).

Well, guess what - Leopard somehow managed to screw that too - the iBook still hibernates but on wake-up the trackpad is dead (and apparently also bluetooth). The list of bugs is however a lot longer - but you will not see that too often since the fanboys and the media are too busy sucking-up to SteveJ ...

Update - here is a great article on some of the OSX problems (I really like the part with the Blue Screen of Death - that is now quite present in OSX :) )

And an observation that might also explain a lot - many of the macmorons that you see mumbling on how OSX was alway amazing and never had any problems are actually newcomers with at most 2 years of experience or so - but 10.4 Tiger also had quite a number of problems when it was very fresh (but nowhere as many as Leopard).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ad leopard for six months now... Used Apple since OS 9, Had a tiger iBook, upgraded to intel Macbook with Leopard. Not one issue yet in about 3 months now...

It looks to me like most of the issues come with running leopard on PPC...

10:49 AM  

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