Saturday, May 19, 2007

Many updates ... and why desktop Linux is not here yet ...

First of all a small jab at "Why people really don't switch to Linux" - maybe it's also about the reasons from that post, but the fact that only in 2007 I am able to reliably do suspend / hibernate / resume in Linux is certainly part of the real reasons - yes, we all know that actually Windows itself took about 5 years from the very unsafe Win95 suspend to the usable level from Windows 2000 but we are now in 2007 and the most hyped Linux distributions (like Ubuntu) STILL can not do it 'by default' !!! And don't even get me started on WiFi and WPA ... I am still recovering after my previous post :)

Now some short updates to an older post - in "Geek tools ... for a pre-computer notepad" I was mentioning that in the Uniball 207 series I was considering the standard 207 gel pens not heavy enough for my taste - but I have now tested the (slightly more expensive) Premier 207 and that one has an amazing silicone grip (a friend joked about it and called it 'almost erotic') and has a much better weight - highly recommended!

Also a very pleasant surprise were the 'standard' Parker gel refills (black) - right now those hold two important records in my book - first for the most amazing and intense black color and second for the fastest drying gel ink - almost as fast as the one from the Uniball Jetstreams (but those are NOT gel inks)! It is also acceptable when you can not hold it in normal / vertical position - not as good as the PowerTanks but better than any other gel pen that I have used. The only drawback is the price of the Parker refills - but for how much I am handwriting today it is not a problem and as a result those are currently by favorite choice (together with the heavy metal pen mentioned in the above post).

And as a small bonus a link to a recent Apple convert that is starting to see what's behind the hype - Four Things He Hates About Apple - he also seems to be a fan on Uniball 207 :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok... just to be clear... In Microsoft Windows hibernate also STILL doesn't work! Put 2GB of RAM or more in your machine and you'll see...

I'll rather install Ubuntu than buy Vista! :)

5:14 PM  
Blogger cool_stuff_or_not said...

That is a very specific problem - see - but the percentage of people affected by that is probably insignificant (when compared with maybe 50% of notebook Linux users that were probably having problems less than one year ago).

2:19 PM  

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